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Richard Acosta is a multimedia mastermind that is no stranger to the world of photography and videography. My dynamic and diverse professional portfolio are full of captured moments that display his uncanny ability to deliver fantastic results for all of his extremely satisfied clients.  My exceptional creative talent has been used for weddings, graduations, fashion editorials, and various business projects.

I formed RAA IMAGES, INC. so that he could provide the city of Houston and surrounding areas with a stellar photography and videography service.  I want every individual and business to have the opportunity to showcase themselves through unique images and amusing videos.  I try and stay ahead of others that provide this type of service by creating custom virtual tours. The virtual experiences he creates have given viewers the opportunity to gain a new perspective on encounters they may not be able to see firsthand.

I believe my background as a professional actor, and who has been in the industry for over 20 years, has given me a uniquely imaginative eye.  Beyond acting, I have had the opportunity to write and direct twelve student short films on 16mm non-reversible black and white film at the New York Film Academy.  I’ve also had the fortune of studying acting with Tony Savant and Sean Barnes at The Play House West School and Repertory Theater where he studied “The Meisner Technique Advanced” and received an Associate Applied Science in Electrical Mechanical Design.

When I’m not perfecting my photography and videography skills you can see me engaging in a wide range of sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball and running.  My love of conventional sports is only overshadowed by my love for extreme sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding and jet skiing.  Other hobbies I’m passionate about include collecting out of print vinyl and CD’s; listening to hip-hop, taking on the Texas Two-step, and Salsa dancing.

(Photo by Dana Walsh)

 (Photo by Dana Walsh)

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