Video Production


RAA Images offers exceptional videography services for your very special wedding day. We offer these services at an affordable price in the great city of Houston and the surrounding area. At RAA Images, we are committed to capturing every single exciting moment with an unmatched level of professionalism. We are honored to be your choice on this important day and work endlessly to develop cinematic stylized video that will be treasured for years to come.

We can start our working relationship with you as early at taking video or photos of your proposal. Many individuals tend to overlook capturing this moment of surprise. However, it is a great joy for us to be there and provide photos or video you can look back on. We can also make ourselves available to take engagement images that you can use to send out an announcement to your family and friends.

The rehearsal dinner can also be an occasion that you may want to document through the use of videography. From the practice of the ceremony to the special dinner where joyous and sometimes funny speeches are given, there can be special moments that happen through the evening you will want to reflect on later.

When it comes to photography and video on the wedding day, RAA Images will be there from beginning to end. While you are prepping for the big day we can capture every intimate moment without interference. From taking video and photos of the bride while she and her bridesmaids are sipping on champagne while doing their makeup and hair to capturing video of the groom and his groomsmen joking around while getting suited up before heading to the ceremony.

Next comes the most important part, the wedding ceremony. We work tirelessly to capture a variety of different angles of this unforgettable event. Our RAA Images video expert will set up discretely and will stay in a location that allows the audience to see every moment without being obstructed. Our photographer will capture the wedding party as well as the audience’s reaction to that very memorable first married couple kiss.

Want to take a group photo after or before the ceremony? We can take a variety of photos that you can proudly display later in your wedding photo album or around your home. We will use our knowledge to stage your group in a visually pleasing way. We will be sure to use our skills to develop images that are unique.

During the wedding reception, we will be there capturing all of the entertainment, fun, dancing, the cutting of the wedding cake and much more. Our videographer is always willing to capture interviews of family and friends for the bride and groom to view after the honeymoon. Of course, we can take pictures and video of that moment when the bride and groom take off for their honeymoon as well.

At RAA Images, we want to capture the romance, excitement, and fun of this very special day. After all, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life. We want it to go as smoothly as possible without interruption. We also want you to make sure you and your guests feel comfortable as the photos and video are being taken.

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